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Default 1M current / future market.

I haven't really followed lately. Are 1M's still trading above MSRP or has that market cooled?

What's the future outlook on the market for them. Can you buy one, drive it and still have it retain value pretty well? Or do values go in the crapper if you don't bubble wrap it?

Our 997 turbo was totaled recently and I'm considering replacements. I realize no car is a good investment, but there certainly are cars that have can be enjoyed in today's market and still is lose very little value.

I've put 15k miles on my GT3 in 4 years, a lot of them on track and it's worth $20k more than I paid for it. We put 9k miles on the turbo in 18 months and got paid 4K more than I paid for it.

Another 997 turbo is probably at the top of our list currently as it's an amazing car...but I've been looking at GT4's , GT2's and the 1M has also crossed my mind. I'm just not in touch with the BMW market like I used to be.

Input appreciated
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I think the 1M will have a strong future market but I think it will take a long time for it to develop.

The 997.1TT will forever in my mind will be a stronger market if its a manual.

The 1M is a special car for sure but with the development going forward of similar or more power 2 series using what is pretty much the same engine/chassis its going to take away some of that flash.

The 997.1 on the other hand is the last of the Mezger and the last motorsports developed street motor. Its the last of the Manual Transmission and that is the G50 Pull Style Clutch/Motorsports derived gearbox. It is also one of the very best looking sports cars on the road.

To say the 997.1 is undervalued now is an understatement. Those cars are the next big market that is going to soar. The 996TT will also shoot up since they are very undervalued right now.

A lot of my enthusiast friends are dropping older cars that they bought 10 years ago at $40,000+ Profit to fund their next purchase in a 996TT or 997TT. There is no doubt in my mind as someone who works on these cars daily its going to be a very special car in the future. The 996TT/997TT are in my mind might be the best factory engineered car ever built.
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997.1 is the big leader, plus I have a pile of parts I pulled from our old car in order to transfer to the next one (ECU w/flash, exhaust, headers, intercoolers, etc.).

Matter of fact I get first dibs on an '08 in the color combo we were originally after with only 16k miles on it when it comes on the market in the next month or two.

Can't help but daydream a little about other possibilities.

Had the GT2 market not exploded like it did in the last 12 months that would be a strong candidate...my wife feels she needs a sunroof for some reason :-(
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A 1M with 70k and 100k mile warranty sold in the the low 30k range on bring a trailer.com so if you put miles on it, it's not that imune from depreciation. The ones that hold value are not driven much. Less than 5k miles still around sticker. 15k-20k miles and stock less than sticker. Over 30k miles and some mods and its just a used car with a little higher value.
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I was considering a 1M before I bought my 997.1TT, and for most of the reasons described by Ron above, plus the fantastic hydraulic steering as opposed to the artificial electric steering currently available, made it the clear winner. Long-term, a manual 997.1TT will likely outperform any other car in the price range, AND let you drive it throughout your ownership. A 1M might perform well in terms of minimizing the financial loss, but you would be severely limited in mileage.

In the event that you do not get another 997.1TT, I might be interested in your flashed ECU and headers
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