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Originally Posted by tinkwithanr View Post

For something so rigid and consistent, isn't it a wonder how differently it can be perceived. When caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it passes us by with a speed that we don't even comprehend. Days turn into weeks. Weeks into months. And before you know it the car you parked in the garage last weekend has been sitting, mothballed for a decade. It happens all to easily. It was that same force that got her to the place in her life that I met her. It's funny though, how the thing that seemed to be slowly killing her was actually her last line of defense from a greater, unforeseen force. Hindsight reveals the clearest of pictures only after their usefulness has passed.

The first few weeks we spent together passed so quickly, countless nights spent getting to know each other.

With a goal of getting her back on the road to really feel what she needed, getting her heart beating again was the first order of business. Fluids were flushed, throttle bodies rebuilt, and a completely new fuel system was installed.

As the anticipation of months of work built up, time slowed. Billions of electrons awoke from their slumber. They stumbled down the paths they once knew, all but forgotten from the past. The signal from the ignition spread out throughout her nervous system, bringing to life all of her organs in a mechanical symphony. And on a cold night in April, she cleared her throat again. Time, it seemed, had not beaten her yet.

Celebrations were short lived, there was still a long road to travel. Her heart was strong, but the rest of her was still very weak. A short test drive revealed a limping transmission. The brakes that once kept her supercar urges in check were all but rotted away. Of course, anything that popped up was nothing that couldn't be remedied with a weekend or two of long nights and cold drinks.

Then I finally drove her home. Not across the parking lot. Not down the block. We took the long way home, to a real garage. Looking back on that drive it was truly great. She drove flawlessly, all the years of neglect faded away with every passing mile. The engine pulled stronger than I could have hoped for, the racing pedigree screaming out all the way to the redline. It was a story book ending, and the beginning of something truly amazing. I got one last look as I tucked her in for the night.

The next day I awoke with excitement, knowing what was waiting for me just downstairs. There was still a laundry list of odds and ends that needed to be accomplished, but now that she was back it seemed like a mountain eroded into a molehill. Nothing was to big, nothing insurmountable. Nothing except what was waited for Heidi that afternoon.

She was just sitting at a red light.

They had no License.

No Insurance.

Time stood still.

Sorry, buddy.....

Coming to a Solo event near you.....

My build thread --> http://ohiobimmers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10682
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