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Default 1973 Bavaria

This car finally arrived here in Ohio Monday afternoon. 1973 Bavaria, Polaris silver, 4-speed.

I had a 1971 as my first car, but it was a rust bucket. I found this one on eBay out in Montana, and after chatting with the owner and seeing the car was extremely clean, took the plunge and bought it.

The front seats are shot and currently wearing covers, the back seats aren't bad. The sunroof cable is broken and currently stuck closed, the horn doesn't work, and I need to re-plumb the wiper nozzles. I'm going to paint the current steelies for now, but eventually look into wheels from an e9 coupe or Alpinas.

I'd love to eventually replace the current leaned-out Zenith carbs with triple side draft Webers. We'll see.

The body has some hail dents, mild surface rust on the rockers, and other battle scars from its 44-year lifespan.

As it stands, she runs, drives, and stops wonderfully. I'm having a blast.

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