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I think an E36 M3 Lightweight is collectable and low mileage M3s will probably garner decent prices down the road.
The E30 M3s are relatively rare since only 5000 units were sold in this country and it also has a very strong motor sports history since it's the the winningest sedan ever built. So, those factors sets it apart from newer M3s.
911 story is interesting, they are not that rare relatively speaking, even the 930s were sold in much bigger numbers than an E30 M3. Demand must be a big part of the equation. Baby boomers are hitting 65 at 8-10k per day rate at the moment, that probably has something to do with strong demand for 60s thru 80s interesting cars. I think all the air-cooled 911s are in strong demand, water cooled ones, not so much. 996 and 997s are still depreciating and were built in large numbers and I don't think they will start increasing in value in the near future. Yes, some of the specialty models will be collectable but I think the other problem with 996,7 is that they have more sophisticated electronics.
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