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Originally Posted by OhioRiderAaron View Post
Just drive the damn thing! It ain't broke yet!

Can't you do an oil analysis before tearing into the bottom end? I would think you'd be ok for a while (1+ track seasons?).

Hopefully winter won't last too long so we can all get out and play soon. You've got a nice combo of E46's now. Congrats!
Thanks Aaron! I'm dd'ing it for now. The power is addicting.

Originally Posted by ohio330ci View Post
Agreed on oil analysis. My first analysis had elevated lead and copper but by 3 points. Failing bearings will have 200 plus points. Don't know if you read about the rear reinforcement but plates may not be the end all solution. Lots of threads on m3forum about it. If mine isn't cracked, I may do the welded bar plus bolt method.
Got a link to what you are planning? I've seen some guys use foam above the subframe, but honestly I was going to set the plates and forget about it. Might need more research on this too.
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