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bA what?!?
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Yeah, I used to go to Ron at Metric Garage, but he's up at P3 in Dayton now. I went to Just BMW on a recommendation from my uncle. This one has been a bit of a conundrum though. The car is throwing 2A2E and 2A2F, which just translate to "fuel mixture control" on bank 1 and bank 2. I've checked/repaired/replaced a ton of stuff (some broken, some preventative, some just guessing - MAF sensor, VANOS solenoids, spark plugs and coils, PCV system and both DISA flaps), but the light is still going off. They gave me an E34 5-speed as a loaner so I'm just enjoying that.

I don't think it's the 02 sensors because I find it hard to believe that they would fail in both banks simultaneously. I suspect it's something to do with fuel delivery.
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