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Originally Posted by owndjoo View Post
500whp n/a isn't pushing an LS.... I was right at 400 through a stalled auto with only a cammed/tuned car. H/C/I with some tight squish through a t56 should be quite close and still streetable. or just toss a charger on the stock motor with a cam/injectors and you're easily there.
Without having done my "research", the suggestions for the power that I'm hoping for was to head down a path with something like this (400-500 range):

Ported/polished LS6 heads
LS6 Intake manifold
Ported LS6 oil pump
Upgraded timing chain - LS2 or double roller
Mid-size cam (to avoid CRUSHING valve springs as a DD)
Hardened stock length chromoly push rods
Upgraded Rockers
Upgraded Valvesprings

Originally Posted by MrBillyTalent View Post
This. Don't stop postin.
I won't - It may be a slowish project, but I'll always be workin' on it-
Write "Wash Me" on my car, and I'll write "Resuscitate" on your chest...
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