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So, I am pleased to announce that it's officially started... albeit with a rough start - (Ending with a trailer wedged in the back of a vehicle, broken glass, bent sheet metal, and almost putting tractor/trailer/car/buddy in the bottom of his parents' water filled quarry..

So, to begin, the donor vehicle was a "lightly rolled" 1999 Camaro SS.. Low mileage engine (~106k miles).. Picked up in N. Canton OH. car still drove just fine, but frame/A pillar was tweaked and insurance would have certainly totaled it..

Started by dropping engine/tranny and subframe to the ground and pulling the shell over top of the desirable bits.

Got it home, cleaned out the truck bed (after it pissed ATF all over the place), and briefly pushed it to the side -

...Now to find the vehicle to stuff it in...

Plan is to find a face lifted E46 wagon-
Some things that should be coming are 285s on all 4 corners (and pulled fenders if necessary), a custom rear end to handle the power, and likely some sort of add-on electronics package to deal with dash-board communications. Power goal is 500+hp at the wheels.

We're off!!
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