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This will be the last update for a while, maybe forever. As the pain of loosing her fades a few things have happened. First and foremost, let this be a lesson to everyone that if you care about your car at all, make sure to have it fully insured from day 1. I look back and think how easy it would have been to not worry about it, after all I was just doing short test drives. If I'd waiting even a few days this story would have a much sadder ending. But thankfully I made the right choice, and my insurance company came through. They ended up at a value that, if I'm honest, was very generous given the overall condition of her. Which meant I had more than enough money to buy her back and then some.

For the time being I'm holding onto her bigger parts. Namely the drivetrain and a few other misc pieces. I may end up selling them, I may end up using them in another project down the road. But for right now I have enough on my plate, when the time comes I'll know it and I'll go from there. Some of her smaller pieces have gone out to help other e28 M5's live on, which I think she would have liked. Her wheels are now in San Francisco, her front air dam is in Tennessee and her transmission brace made it all the way to Sweden. So in a way she is living on through them, and that's pretty cool if you ask me.

Finally, some of you may be wondering what I did with the rest of the insurance check. You can find that answer here:
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