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Bringing this E36 brake thread back from the dead... Cheap as I am, I can't bring myself to buy eBay brakes from PowerSport or BrakeMotive. Went onto RockAuto and priced a cheap but I think reasonable package for aggressive street driving (no real track time, aside from an occasional autoX):

RAYBESTOS Part # 96387R {#1096387} 5 Bolt Holes Professional Grade - Rear
RAYBESTOS Part # 96780R {#1096780} 5 Bolt Holes Professional Grade - Front
CENTRIC Part # 30105580 Premium Ceramic Pads w/Shims - Front
CENTRIC Part # 30106920 Premium Ceramic Pads w/Shims - Rear

I like that the rotors are coated on the hat, to hopefully hide rust down the road. Also, with shipping and no 5% discount (which I usually get emailed) it's $144.44 shipped, which is as cheap of a package as I can get.

Anyone have experience with Centric ceramics or Raybestos rotors?
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